Operating Support


Liora Sponko
Grant Deadline
  • March 28, 2022
Grant Overview

The Operating Support program supports the full range of programming of Oregon’s nonprofit arts organizations with annual operating budgets of more than $150,000.  The most competitive applicants are arts organizations that offer ongoing, sustained, high-quality arts services or artistic programming and community impact. 

Operating Support awards typically range from $3,000 to $40,000. These awards contribute to an organization’s full range of arts programming and operations. 

To be eligible, applicants must operate within a mission that describes the arts as the primary purpose and focus of the organization. The Arts Commission funds organizations working primarily in Dance, Film/Media, Interdisciplinary, Music, Arts Services, Literary, Theatre, Visual Arts and Youth-Focused.

The Operating Support Grant Program is now on a three-year application cycle, instead of a two-year application cycle. Organizations will complete a full application every three years. 

Applicants who received funding in this grant program in FY2022 are considered Returning Applicants. Returning Applicants will complete full or abbreviated application based their organization’s discipline as outlined below:

Panel/Discipline FY2023 (Current Cycle) FY2024 FY2025
New Applicants Full Full Full
Youth Focused Full Abbreviated Abbreviated
Music (Symphonic/Chamber) Full Abbreviated Abbreviated
Music (Vocal/Other) Full Abbreviated Abbreviated
Dance Abbreviated Full Abbreviated
Visual Arts Abbreviated Full Abbreviated
Film/Media/Literary/Multidisciplinary Abbreviated Full Abbreviated
Arts Services Abbreviated Abbreviated Full
Theater Abbreviated Abbreviated Full


Organizations applying for the Operating Support Grant Program for the first time (or those who did not receive funding in FY2022) are considered “New” and must complete a full application. This includes organizations who received the Small Operating Grant in FY2022 and are now eligible for the Operating Support Grant. New applicants should contact the Grant Coordinator prior to applying.

Organizations assigned to the full application cycle will submit the narrative section, DataArts funder report and support materials/work samples. These applications will be reviewed and scored by a panel of professionals from around the state.

Organizations assigned to the abbreviated application cycle will complete an abbreviated narrative and the DataArts funder report. These will not be reviewed and scored by a panel.

Awards are calculated annually through a formula that takes into account current (or previous) review panel score, organization fiscal size, previous awards and available funds. Each year, the staff will re-calculate the formula and provide funding recommendations to the Commission.

Please carefully review the grant guidelines attached on this page for eligibility, application questions and rubric to help your organization submit a competitive application. 

New this year, all applicants must register for and include their Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) in the grant application. Register here.

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