Art in the Governor's Office

Since 1975, the Art in the Governor’s Office Program has honored selected artists in Oregon with exhibitions in the reception area of the Governor's Ceremonial Office in the State Capitol Building.

An exhibition in the Governor’s Office is considered a once-in-a-lifetime honor. The more than 300 Oregon artists whose work has been featured in the Governor's Office include Rick Bartow, Gordon Gilkey, Sally Haley, Yuji Hiratsuka, Manuel Izquierdo, James Lavadour, Henk Pander, Lucinda Parker, Lillian Pitt, Michele Russo, Arvie Smith, Terri Toedtemeier, and Margot Voorhies Thompson.


NOTE: Due to construction at the Oregon State Capitol Building, the Governor's Office is currently closed to the public. The Art in the Governor's Office program will resume when the offices are again open to the public.

Governor's Office: State Capitol, 900 Court St. NE, Rm. 250, Salem, Oregon


2020 Artists

Betty LaDuke /
Ashland, OR

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