Poetry Out Loud In the Classroom Transcript

Poetry Out Loud
Transcript of the video "Poetry Out Loud In the Classroom"

Looking for inspiration to bring poetry into your classroom? Walk through this crash course in activity suggestions or select one that piques your curiosity and skip to that section of the video! Activities marked with an asterisk(*) are easily adapted to distance learning. Other activities may be more successful with in-person learning. Video available at: https://youtu.be/JtKwsM3KMuY

0:00-1:10         Overview
1:10-1:50         Speed Dating Poems
1:50-2:10         POL Scavenger Hunt*
2:10-2:40        Socratic Discussion*
2:40-2:53        Poem Exploration*
2:53-3:15        Mean, Matter, Message*
3:15-3:25        Poem Chunk Slides*
3:25-3:45        The Tone Map*
3:45-4:10        Choral Reading
4:10-4:25        Scoring Rubric review*
4:25-4:40        Presentation Tips Slide Show*
4:40-5:25        Walk the Words (example provided)*
5:25-6:30        Act the Part (example provided)
6:30-7:40        Practice Ideas from POL website

Thanks to Poetry Out Loud teacher Delana Heidrich for assembling and sharing these resources. Footage and images courtesy of Bonanza High School, Unsplash.com or Pixaby.com

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