Calls for Art

Oregon's Percent for Art in Public Places program releases open calls to artists for select projects, which are listed on this page. You can also sign up to receive notification of calls to artists for art in public places projects.

Curator for Portable Works Collection, Deadline August 31, 2022

Budget: $30,000 to re-curate a collection of portable artworks located in public buildings in Eugene, Salem, Portland and Pendleton.

Installed and integrated into 21 DAS-owned buildings, the DAS Percent for Art in Public Places collection includes 369 artworks, maintained by the DAS division Enterprise Asset Management for the State of Oregon. View the DAS Percent for Art in Public Places collection online.
DAS seeks to re-curate up to 225 portable artworks located in 11 DAS-owned state buildings. Many of the artworks have been in the same location for many years or are currently in storage. The goal of the curatorial project is to refresh the artwork and provide contemporary interpretation so that the art will benefit the public and building users for many years to come.

Deadline to submit materials: 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

See the DAS Curator Request for Proposals PDF for more information about the project, sites and how to apply.

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