Oregon Art in Public Places Roster

The Oregon Arts Commission manages the Percent for Art Program for the state of Oregon. Percent for Art projects in Oregon bring together artists, community members, agency employees and project architects to form selection committees. These groups determine the types and locations for artwork in public locations and select artists for commissions.

The roster serves as a resource for art selection committees to identify artists most suitable for their community and specific project needs. The roster provides a pool of highly qualified artists and increases the efficiency of the selection process. The roster is fully refreshed every three years, which next occurs in late summer/early fall 2022 for the 2023-2025 Roster.

To receive notification of future calls, please subscribe to the Oregon Arts Commission eNews and check the box for the category Percent for Art.

The Artist Roster can be made available to commissioning bodies for public art commissions in cities or counties in Oregon. Contact the Arts Commission for more information.

Oregon Arts Commission

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