Strategic Partner Spotlight: Oregon Humanities

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Adam Davis, Executive Director, Oregon Humanities

Adam Davis, Executive Director, Oregon Humanities

By Carrie Kikel | Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Strategic Partner Spotlight: Oregon Humanities

A conversation with
Adam Davis, Executive Director
Oregon Humanities

What is Oregon Humanities’ mission?
We’re in the business of building civic infrastructure – not roads and buildings but habits and practices of listening, thinking, and talking with one another. Our vision is an Oregon that invites diverse perspectives, explores challenging questions, and strives for just communities.

How does your partnership with the Oregon Arts Commission benefit your work?
Sometimes with and sometimes independent of the Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Humanities works across the state to draw out and stir up imagination, reflection, empathy and hope in all of us. OAC and OH put on grant workshops together, cooperate on statewide activities like the Oregon Poet Laureate program, and generally aim to help people around the state build vibrant, connected communities. To oversimplify the conceptual foundations of the relationship between OAC and OH, OAC supports and attends to making and learning about arts, while OH supports and attends to making meaning. This means we’re first cousins, or even siblings.

What are some upcoming events or activities you'd like to share?
Here are three upcoming Conversation Project offerings:

  • Jim Lommasson’s “Life After War: Photography and Oral Histories of Coming Home,” in Newport on June 6 at 6 p.m. at the Rogue Brewers
  • Wendy Willis’ “We Are What We Eat: Connecting Food and Citizenship” at the Sherwood Public Library on May 22 at 6 p.m.
  • Tim DuRoche’s “The Art of the Possible: Jazz and Community Building” in Corvallis at the Whiteside Theater on May 24.

For further information, contact Adam Davis: or 503-241-0543

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